Another group of large enterprises are to be launched at Urgut FEZ

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A project with the cost of $ 13.9 million by the YEC (Yasham Erkaplan Carpet) which specialized in producing carpets and taffeta  is to be launched in massive Sariktepa of Urgut Free Economic Zone. Currently, the company's construction has been completed, and equipments from many European countries, in particular the equipment imported from Germany, are going to install. In the result, 70 work places will be created and people can buy high quality products with affordable price. 
    It should be noted that the Directorate of Urgut FEZ and the participants are trying to accelerate the projects and provide more products to our people. On the eve of the 28th anniversary of our country's independence, another group of entrepreneurs, including AZIYA STAL PROFIL LLC (Amirjon Invest Fayz), specialized in metal pipes and profiles with a total value of US $ 1.7 million, will also start operating.

Uzbekistan – Territory of huge opportunities
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